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We are proud to have a team of experts united by the same goal: to help the new generation of aviation specialists grow and succeed.

All our ground and flight school instructors are highly educated, holding a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree, or a Ph.D. They are former military pilots, ATC controllers, Captains, glider pilots and skydivers from various countries, such as Lithuania, France, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Latvia, and other.

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Kenneth Mark Sorensen
Head of Training

My airline career started in 2007. Since then, I have flown as a Co-Pilot, Captain, Line Training Captain, and Line Check Captain for several airlines. I have accumulated around 6,000 hours of flying experience and a total of around 2,500 hours of simulator training or checking on all variants of the Boeing 737 from Classic, NG to the MAX. In addition, I have also worked in various training organizations, playing key roles there.

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Being responsible for compliance with Part-FCL/ORA regulations and responsibility.
  • Ensuring the relevance of training programs.
  • Implementing new training requirements to ensure the highest training quality.
  • Ensuring timely communication with related CAA.
  • Being a leader of the ATO team, including flight school and TRTO.
Vytautas Stankevicius

Vytautas Stankevicius
Deputy Head of Training

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Playing a key role in controlling proper TRTO processes based on EASA regulations.
  • Ensuring the relevance of training programs.
  • Establishing new learning trends with the product line team.
  • Ensuring timely communication with CAA.
  • Managing the student assessment process.

My airline career started in 1981. Since then, I have flown as a Co-Pilot and Captain for a number of airlines. I have accumulated 13000 hours of flying experience as a Pilot in Command and a total of 16500 on aircraft, including B737, A320, SAAB 2000, ATR 42 and JAK 40. In addition, I have worked as TRI/TRE of B737 and A320 since 2010.

Omar Noureldin
Deputy Chief Flight Instructor for Initial Pilot Training

I’ve been flying since 2013 and joined BAA Training as an instructor in 2019. Throughout my career, I’ve piloted various single and multi-engine aircraft, including Cessna, Piper, Tecnam, and Diamond models. My primary focus has been providing comprehensive training to instructors and students that aligns with the modern demands of the airline industry. Over the years, I’ve trained students for BAA Training, its clients, and reputable airlines. In addition to delivering airline pilot training, I’ve provided tailored instruction to flight instructors of diverse levels, meeting their respective company’s professional requirements and expectations.

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Lead and manage the standardization process for instructors in the Ab Initio department.
  • Conduct assessments for instructors during initial recruitment and standardization procedures.
  • Ensure strict adherence to BAA Training’s standard procedures and safety regulations throughout flight training.
  • Oversee Ab Initio flight operations.

Jose Manuel dos Reis Dias
Deputy Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Coordinating and executing initial theoretical training in all bases.
  • Implementing and monitoring the latest training methodologies and systems of theoretical training.
  • Preparing Theoretical Knowledge Instructors (TKIs) for training.
  • Supervising TKIs’ work and regularly standardizing all TKIs.
  • Ensuring timely training performance.
  • Ensuring training effectiveness and qualitative teaching.
  • Guaranteeing timely and high-quality examination.
  • Overseeing Area 100 KSA for courses and TKIs.

My enthusiasm for aviation started when I got my PPL(A) in 1980. After that, I followed a career as an Operational Meteorologist, Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, and Air Operations Officer with the Portuguese Air Force. Since 2015, I have been mainly dedicated to professional aviation courses, teaching Meteorology, and Human Performance. Since 2018, I have also been teaching Area 100 KSA and Teaching and Learning for Flight Instructor courses. Since January 2023, I have been Deputy Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at BAA Training.

Oriol Rodriguez Flotats
Deputy Head of Training for Initial Pilot Training

I have been dedicated to flight instruction since 2015, collaborating with different ATOs as a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor of different subjects and as a Flight Instructor. I joined BAA Training in 2019, becoming involved in instructors’ standardization and students’ progress evaluation. My goal is clear: to enhance the safety of our operations day by day and to elevate the quality of training of future pilots.

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Observing and evaluating the students’ progress.
  • Monitoring the standardization and supervising its execution for Ab Initio Flight Instructors.
  • Ensuring that training programs and the relevant provisions of manuals are related to initial pilot training.
  • Ensuring training programs are updated timely and in accordance with regulations and internal needs.
  • Ensuring the compliance of practical training exercises with relevant training program requirements.

Lasse Loschenkohl
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Setting internal theoretical training standards.
  • Training & standardization of Theoretical Knowledge Instructors (TKI).
  • Ensuring theoretical training is in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Developing theoretical training programs for training of instructors, refresher courses, etc.
  • Updating and adjusting theoretical training programs.
  • Developing training plans to meet training volume.
  • Supervising theoretical training documentation.
  • Supervising Theoretical Knowledge Examination processes.
  • Integrating TEM, CRM, and CBTA in theoretical training.
  • Ensuring quality and efficiency in BAA Training’s theoretical training programs.

I started flying in 2011 and began my instructor career in 2013. Since then, I have covered Flight, MCC, TKI, and TRI instruction, the creation of training programs and materials for A-UPRT, and a variety of other courses and ratings. I have flown as Captain on the Boeing 737 family aircraft and have completed just over 6,400 hours of flight time. In my free time, I regularly fly aerobatic aircraft and other taildraggers.


Mindaugas Migauskas

“I would like to personally thank my VFR flight instructor, Egor Gorshkov, for his high standards, deep level of knowledge and skill, and, most importantly, patience and 100% trust from Day 1. I would also like to thank my IFR fight instructor, Darius Tuzikas, for the high requirements down to the smallest details that he was pushing us to achieve and for being fair and honest with us at times when we were falling back.”

Evagoras Stylianou

“Overall, I was quite happy with the quality of the training and the instructors. Met some very experienced pilots during the flight training, and also during ground school that used to or were still flying for some of the legacy airlines.”

Alexandra Moraru

“All instructors are highly qualified, skilled, and professional as pilots, they teach you a lot of passion and put a lot of effort in making you a great pilot. I am so grateful to instructors who always believed in me, especially I would like to mention Omar El Sawi, as he not only did everything a Flight Instructor should, but he also had the greatest CRM a pilot can have. A good pilot is a good person in the first place, and he’s 100%.”

“I LOVED my flight training in Lleida-Alguaire, it’s a small and cozy place, you can walk around in 20 mins, but with a special vibe that you will never forget. And, of course, the airport—almost just for you.”

Tarvydas Čepkauskas

“My VFR instructor was (and still is) one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. All of the instructors showed high level of professionalism, dedication to teach. The environment was good, and the instructors maintained a very good synergy in the classrooms.”

Nazar Dmytrovskiy

“It was above standard as most instructors were knowledgeable and skillful in explaining, not only reading the presentation. They were professional in terms of flying and explaining, and they did share a passion of young wannabes, so it made the emotional atmosphere in the cockpit very pleasant and warm. Looking back, the ones I had were very well-trained.”

Javier Gayoso

"For my Type Rating, I chose BAA Training because of their reputation for quality training and their partnership with Avion Express, where I’m currently completing the selection process. The training quality was exceptional – instructors demonstrated a high level of professionalism, providing thorough and engaging instructions throughout the program."

Florian Devauchelle

“I chose BAA Training as my training provider because the Avion Express Cadet Program is in collaboration with the academy for the Type Rating (Airbus A320). There is a very high quality of training. All the instructors have important experience with thousands of flight hours on Airbus. They really push us to give the best, and they explain every exercise in a positive way. They are very professional and take all their time for the success of the trainees.”


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