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We are proud to have a team of experts united by the same goal to help the new generation of aviation specialists grow and succeed.

All our ground and flight school instructors are highly educated, holding at least a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or a Ph.D. They are former military pilots, ATC controllers, Captains, glider pilots and skydivers from various countries, such as Lithuania, France, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Latvia and other.

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Vytautas Stankevicius

Vytautas Stankevicius
Deputy Head of Training

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Playing a key role in controlling proper TRTO processes based on JAR-FCL.
  • Ensuring the relevance of training programs.
  • Establishing new learning trends with the product line team.
  • Ensuring timely communication with CAA.
  • Managing the student assessment process.

My airline career started in 1981. Since then, I have flown as a Co-Pilot and Captain for a number of airlines. I have accumulated 13000 hours of flying experience as a Pilot in Command and a total of 16500 on aircraft, including B737, A320, SAAB 2000, ATR 42 and JAK 40. In addition, I have worked as TRI/TRE of B737 and A320 since 2010.

Dragan Ivanovic

Dragan Ivanovic
Deputy Chief Flight instructor Ab Initio

In 1989, I started my flying career in Yugoslavia as a Flying Instructor at Flight Academy, which was part of the national airline JAT Airways. I spent 19 years in various positions in that company, from Flying Instructor, Safety Instructor and CFI to Head of Training. After that, I moved to Lufthansa Training Center, where I spent 12 years instructing students. Besides my flying duties, I was a Safety Manager and Deputy Compliance Manager. For the past 3 years, I’ve been working at BAA Training in the Lleida-Alguaire base. In the beginning, as Deputy HT and now as DCFI. To date, I have collected around 14.000 hours in my Personal Logbook.

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Organizing and improving flying training to maintain the best training quality and meet safety requirements.
  • Communicating with the management from Vilnius daily and coordinating the action plan to reach main targets.

David Torrijos Azores
Deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Duties at BAA Training:

  • Implementing the Standardization process for TRTO instructors, verifying its compliance with BAA Training Standards and the regulatory agencies.
  • Collecting data on instructors’ training performance and implementing corrective actions in case of deviation from BAA Standards or occurrences in cooperation with HT and CFI.
  • Collecting data on training occurrences and implementing corrective actions to minimize the repetitive issues in cooperation with HT and CFI.
  • Collecting and evaluating student and BAA Training staff feedback regarding training and operation efficiency.

I have been flying since 2003. I started my flying career as a Flight Instructor training PPL students. In 2005, I began flying CRJs in Air Nostrum, where I also reached a TRI/SFI position as Deputy Technical Manager and Safety Officer. Since 2014, I have been an A320 Captain and a Line Training Captain. In addition, I am a TRI and Senior TRE for the A320 with almost 2000h as TRI on CRJ and A320 FFS. I have logged more than 11000 flying hours and regularly fly a YAK52 in my free time as an aerobatic pilot.


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