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ATPL Theory Virtual

If you hold a PPL or CPL license, and your next target is a "Frozen EASA ATPL" license, for which ATPL theory exam completion is essential, enroll in this virtual course. You will be able to efficiently prepare for the exams from anywhere in the world through an immersive virtual training platform.

study from anywhere

EASA standard real-time classes

Maintain your study/life balance

ATPL Theory

ATPL Theory Virtual, just like a regular ATPL Theory, prepares you for the 13 exams at the CAA and opens the doors to receiving your Type Rating and then getting employed by an airline. However, the virtual theory program allows you to study online via a purposefully dedicated platform. In contrast, a standard training option requires you to temporarily move to where the training center is situated.

Study from anywhere

You can study ATPL theory virtually, regardless of the country you are from. Since there is no requirement to travel anywhere, you can reduce your expenses considerably by not paying for accommodation and living in a foreign country.

EASA standard real-time classes

To make things clear, virtual theory at BAA Training is not the same as „self-study.“ The ground lessons are delivered in real time by professional and well-trained lecturers who fully comply with EASA regulations and standards.

Maintain your study/life balance

Virtual ATPL theory takes only 4 hours of your time per day, unlike in-class learning, which takes 6-8 hours per day. It gives you the flexibility to plan your day, maintain your study/life balance and have sufficient time left for a part-time job, your hobbies, family and friends.

Innovative virtual classroom

The virtual classroom with AI integration offers an immersive and intuitive environment. You can attend classes there, access interactive and regularly updated EASA training materials containing stunning imagery and 3D models, complete progress tests and school examinations, use a discussion board and talk to peers.

BAA Training?

One of 3 major ATOs in Europe providing full-scope pilot training from Ab Initio to Type Rating

Four simulator training centers and three flight bases.

Best students are often referred to partner airlines for employment

Airline level admission assessments are developed in close collaboration with airlines, allowing to prepare highly qualified First Officers

Flight training is conducted at an international airport, enabling students to get used to their future work environment

Freedom to choose from in-class and virtual classroom theory training

Highly competent training instructors who at the same time work as airline Captains and First Officers

program structure

It consists of 670 hours of self-study as well as virtual classroom time to be completed in 12 months (including the CAA examinations).









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Over 18 years old

Practical preparation

Valid PPL or CPL license

English language proficiency

ICAO level 4

Physical status

Valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate

Personal competence and aptitude

Completion of special tests and interviews developed by the selection committee of BAA Training is necessary.

Theoretical preparation

Knowledge of Mathematics and Physics is of key importance

fly for

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training locations!

Ground school:

It is a theoretical part of your training that you will complete online via a dedicated virtual classroom.

The virtual classroom (online) learning stands for excellent quality EASA training that you can do anywhere in the world, avoiding traveling and living abroad expenses.

The virtual classroom offers dynamic learning possibilities, including access to instructor-led lectures, schedules, notifications for upcoming classes or exams, in-class group or peer-to-peer conversations, group assignments, and more.


in addition to instructing, work as airline pilots/ATC controllers/Line training captains/TRIs or TREs.

will help you gain multicultural experience as they come from a variety of countries, such as France, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, etc.

hold at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the respective fields or even are scientists in engineering or economics holding a Ph.D.



Does virtual training entail self-study or instructor-led lessons?
Will I take exams online while studying theory virtually?
Can I have a part-time job if I study virtually?

Does virtual training entail self-study or instructor-led lessons?

It is instructor-led pilot training via the virtual platform with many collaboration tools that support training in an automated and more scalable format. You can expect high-quality, comprehensive learning under EASA standard programs while being guided by professional instructors. Quality-wise, virtual training is no different from classroom-based sessions. On the contrary, it might captivate learners even more because of the enhanced interactivity it offers.

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