BAA Training How to become a Flight Attendant

How to
become a
Flight Attendant

Becoming a Flight Attendant is easier than many imagine. Follow the steps described below and get ready to obtain the best job in the world.

Get paid to see
the world

Get flying

Meet new

Good pay

of being a Flight Attendant?

If you are considering applying to become a Flight Attendant, then BAA Training is the right place to start since we know what it entails and what benefits you will eventually get.

Get paid to see the world

While traveling for work, cabin crew members usually have an opportunity to go sightseeing and explore different countries and cities. The best part is that all expenses are covered – you have a meal allowance and a hotel booked for you.

Get flying benefits

As a Flight Attendant, you also get generous travel benefits: free flights or discounted airfares. These are offered by almost every airline; sometimes, friends and family can also take advantage of these extras.

Meet new people

You are going to meet a lot of interesting people around the world and make many valuable connections. Some will become your lifelong friends, while others will be a joy to talk to and leave unforgettable memories.

Good pay

According to ERI’s Salary Expert Database, an entry-level Flight Attendant (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 38391 € per annum. On the other end, a senior-level flight attendant (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of 66 148 € per annum.


BAA Training ENTRY requirements


18 years old and over


High-school diploma

Swimming skills

Ability to swim

Physical status

Medically fit to get a Cabin Crew Medical Report

English language proficiency

English language level B1 by CEFR standard

on how to become a Flight Attendant

BAA Training Step 1

Step 1

Complete a medical examination

To apply for a job as a Flight Attendant, an applicant has to be physically healthy.

BAA Training Step 2

Step 2

Complete Initial Flight Attendant training

Every Flight Attendant must have a certificate of completion of the Initial Cabin Crew training to follow a career in this field.


BAA Training Step 3

Step 3

Finish the Flight Attendant attestation process

Pass the attestation process and receive a certificate enabling you to start a Flight Attendant’s career.


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BAA Training Step 4

Step 4

Apply for a Flight Attendant job at an airline

After passing all the steps of training, you will be fully ready to apply for a job at an airline and start exploring the world as a Flight Attendant.

all set now!

Start earning ~40k EUR per year now!


It's easy!

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