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The BAA Training ground school facility with classrooms (Corpus B) is located just next to the simulator center (Corpus A) and the main employee office building. Both Ab Initio and Type Rating students use the classrooms dedicated to learning theory before they apply their knowledge in practical settings.


Ground school and a simulator center in one location

Theory classrooms accommodating up to 150 students

Facilities include a kitchen, lounge, table football, and a billiard table

New accommodation facility just next to the school

Accommodation in

Hotel Loop
Loop logo

In the LOOP Hotel, every detail ensures the utmost well-being of its guests. It was designed with a blend of modernity, style, and comfort to provide an exceptional experience during your stay. BAA Training students can book a discounted room as the LOOP Hotel is our sister company.

100 m from BAA Training

1 km from Vilnius International Airport

3 km from Vilnius Old Town

Free Wi-Fi is available

Daily buffet breakfast offered at the property

Self-service laundry and ironing rooms

Atlas logo

Atlas Living is another sister company of BAA Training that presents a range of short-term and long-term accommodation choices featuring 1-3 room setups. In addition to the standard amenities, you can access a gym, a cinema, game rooms, car parking, and a café. In addition, you can use beauty, physiotherapy, healthcare, or massage services.

Atlas co living

200 m from BAA Training

1 km from Vilnius International Airport

3 km from Vilnius Old Town

Free Wi-Fi is available

Fully-furnished apartments for comfortable living

Shared leisure facilities such as outdoor and indoor gyms, a yoga & meditation room, games rooms, etc.


Mindaugas Migauskas

“I started my ATPL Integrated program as a cadet immediately after the summer of the year when I had finished high school (2017), then I finished the ATPL Integrated program in just under 2 years (2019) and was accepted immediately into the airline company. At the exact same time that I became fully qualified, COVID-19 brought the airline industry to a halt, and my contract was immediately terminated. I then spent about 1 year mostly working a different job, and I was also happy to have had the opportunity to be acting as an Assisting Pilot in various A320 full flight simulator trainings in BAA Training where I eventually gathered about 400 simulator hours by the end of the pandemic and was feeling in the best possible shape for when a job opportunity will open. Eventually, I was invited to join an airline and have enjoyed the journey with my current airline company ever since. As of the end of 2023, I have over 1600 flight hours, I am working additionally as an Airbus A320 Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at BAA Training. After a full circle, I now perform interviews for cadets who want to join our airline company just like I once was and could not be happier with my career than I now am.”

“I would like to personally thank my VFR flight instructor, Egor Gorshkov, for his high standards, deep level of knowledge and skill, and, most importantly, patience and 100% trust from Day 1. I would also like to thank my IFR fight instructor, Darius Tuzikas, for the high requirements down to the smallest details that he was pushing us to achieve and for being fair and honest with us at times when we were falling back.”

Evagoras Stylianou

“Overall, I was quite happy with the quality of the training and the instructors. Met some very experienced pilots during the flight training, and also during ground school that used to or were still flying for some of the legacy airlines.”

Alexandra Moraru

“I started with BAA Training in 2018, after I just finished high school. I chose ATPL Integrated and got my license in 2021 due to COVID. Currently, I’m a First Officer on Airbus A320 at FlyOne Airlines, previously flew for]AirMoldova. BAA Training really became my second home for the 3 years, and apart from many ups and downs, with all the help and support, and quality provided by the academy, I could accomplish my dream in a relatively short time! All instructors are highly qualified, skilled, and professional as pilots, they teach you will all passion and put a lot of effort to make you a great pilot. I will never stop being grateful to BAA Training for the possibility to get to know so many good and nice people, friends and, of course, for making me a pilot I’m now.”

Dan Casey

“I completed the Wizz Air Cadet Program with the ATPL Integrated training program. I started in October 2018 and got my CPL in July 2021, COVID delayed a bit! I've been with WizzAir since. BAA Training was a cheaper alternative compared to most, so it was good for me and my family. Also, offered a job at an airline at the end, which was vital for us. High-quality classrooms and facilities, Vilnius is absolutely fantastic as well, one of my favourite cities in the world now.”

Tarvydas Čepkauskas

“I was a student at BAA Training ATPL Integrated program 2017-2019, and at the moment I work at WizzAir. The training program itself was good, quick, stressful (as for everybody everywhere, I guess), but in the end, all of that was worth it. I made some awesome friends during that period, I had the most awesome memories. The environment was good, all the classmates were great, and the instructors maintained a very good synergy in the classroom. All in all, I would highly recommend choosing BAA Training as your pilot school because I know you won’t regret it in the end.”

“My VFR instructor was (and still is) one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. All of the instructors showed high level of professionalism, dedication to teach. The environment was good, and the instructors maintained a very good synergy in the classrooms.”


“I joined as a Wizz Air cadet on the ATPL Integrated programme. My experience of the ground school was exceptional, the instructors were all very good, and the office staff were brilliant! In fact, I requested Vilnius as my WizzAir base because of how welcome I felt thanks to the amazing people at BAA in Lithuania.”

Algirdas Arlauskas

“I studied PPL program and then continued ATPL Theory. My childhood dream was to study at BAA Training. I remember looking, scrolling through BAA Training's website, saw all of the students, happy faces, always wanted to be one of them. I’m still working to become an airline pilot. I’m very happy that I was/I\’m a part of BAA Training. I’m very happy with the theoretical and practical training that I had professional instructors.”

Nazar Dmytrovskiy

“It was above standard as most instructors were knowledgeable and skillful in explaining, not only reading the presentation. They were professional in terms of flying and explaining, and they did share a passion of young wannabes, so it made the emotional atmosphere in the cockpit very pleasant and warm. Looking back, the ones I had were very well-trained.”

Christopher Nagel

“Overall, my experience at BAA Training was positive and successful. Ground school in Lithuania was a great experience, with knowledgeable instructors and a diverse group of students. I look back on it fondly to this day. Though we occasionally faced operational challenges, flight training in Lleida was equally rewarding. The camaraderie within our group, coupled with the beauty of destinations like La Seu and San Sebastián, as well as the meteorological challenges, made the experience both enjoyable and diverse. In the end, I was able to complete my training in under 2 years and hold the CPL in my hand shortly after.”

Marco Luci

“I studied at BAA Training for CPL Modular from November 2020 to September 2022. I did my ground training in Vilnius (P.S. it is an amazing city) and flight training in Lleida. Overall, I found the course quite challenging, especially the theoretical part and exams. However, thanks to the very high level of BAA Training facilities and the support of highly trained instructors, the training was fantastic. In the end, I dedicated two years to studying across Europe to qualify for and attain my dream job. Doing so in a multicultural environment like BAA Training was amazing. Although throughout my ground and flight training, I encountered difficult moments at various stages, I always remember what a former airline pilot once told me, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it!”“

Florian Devauchelle

“I chose BAA Training as my training provider because the Avion Express Cadet Program is in collaboration with the academy for the Type Rating (Airbus A320). There is a very high quality of training. All the instructors have important experience with thousands of flight hours on Airbus. They really push us to give the best, and they explain every exercise in a positive way. The full flight simulators are impressive by how realistic they are, so that we can be really immersed inside the A320 cockpit. I would like to highlight the professionalism of the BAA Training team, which is always mindful of our well-being. Also, Vilnius’ environment is really nice because of this city's and country's atmosphere, where we can feel that we are welcome here. This Type Rating program meets my expectations because we are going through everything, and everybody is involved in the students success.“

BAA Training ground school and
simulator center in Vilnius!

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