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If you are enrolled in pilot training at an EASA ATO but wish to switch to a different training provider, the choice is entirely yours. We will support your training progress and facilitate the timely completion of all the remaining training stages.

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change your pilot training provider

complete your studies on time

ATO Change?

It is your opportunity to transfer your pilot studies to BAA Training without losing the progress you have made so far at a different EASA ATO.

Change your pilot training provider

Regardless of your current training phase, we will find a solution to meet your training needs, addressing any missing modules and accommodating your allocated budget.

Complete your studies on time

We will thoroughly analyze and evaluate your situation, providing you with an action plan on the road to a pilot cockpit. We will also ensure you meet the predetermined deadlines.

Reach out to our training advisers, who will explain the transfer process to BAA Training in detail, including requirements and the admission procedure.

BAA Training?

Full-scope pilot training, including Ab Initio and Type Rating

We often refer our students to partner airlines for employment

Admission assessments are developed in close collaboration with airlines, allowing to prepare highly qualified First Officers

We conduct training at an international airport so students get used to their future work environment early

Freedom to choose from in-class and virtual classroom theory training

Highly competent training instructors who, at the same time, work as airline Captains and First Officers


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training locations!

Ground school:
Lithuania, Spain, or ONLINE

It is a theoretical part of your training that you can complete in one of the following locations: Lithuania, Spain, or online via a dedicated virtual classroom.

Our ground school in Spain is in our flight base in Lleida, making it convenient for students to complete theory and flight training in the same location.

We also operate a ground school in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The school is just next to the BAA Training simulator training centre and a few bus stops from the buzz of the beautiful old town.

Virtual classroom (online) learning stands for excellent quality EASA training that you can do from anywhere in the world, avoiding the expenses of traveling and living abroad.

Flight school:

Our main flight base is in Spain, Lleida-Alguaire International Airport. It is a convenient location with developed infrastructure and a suitable climate for conducting training year-round.

It is also possible to complete theory in Lleida-Alguaire to align it with your flight training.

You will practice on a Cessna and/or Tecnam types of aircraft and an FNPT device.


ATO Change

• If I have started the ATPL Integrated course in another ATO, can I continue at BAA Training?

• If I have started the ATPL Integrated course in another ATO, can I continue at BAA Training?

Yes, you can. Please contact us to get more detailed information.

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