Flight Instructor

This course will get you qualified to teach students ground school training as well as the practical part on flight simulation training devices (FSTD).

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program structure


13 days

(teaching & learning)



25 hours focused on these subjects:

  • The learning process;
  • The teaching process;
  • Training philosophies;
  • Techniques of applied instruction;
  • Student evaluation and testing;
  • Training program development;
  • Human performance and limitations relevant to flight instruction;
  • Specific hazards involved in simulating systems failures and malfunctions in the aircraft during flight;
  • Training administration.

You may do your SFI qualification renewal and revalidation at BAA Training.




The technical training comprises 10 hours of classroom instruction according to the MCC course program. It should consist of applying core instructor competencies to MCC training in a commercial air transport environment, including threat and error management principles and CRM. The training content should cover MCC course exercises in sufficient depth to meet the standard required for the MCCI(A) certificate issue.




Instructing for CBT systems, CPT training, or integrated into Flight instructions.




The trainee instructor attends live training sessions as an observer, learning how to run briefings and debriefings, followed by giving instructions to the students and running the training under the instructor's supervision. The latest step is the assessment of competence with an examiner.


Flight (FSTD) experience

At least 1,500 flight hours accumulated as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes


Valid or already expired CPL(A) or ATPL(A) licences

Proficiency check

for the issue of the specific aircraft Type Rating in the FFS representing the applicable type completed within 12 months before the application for the SFI course

Flight (FSTD) experience

Completed within 12 months preceding the application for the SFI course, as a pilot or as an observer:

  • Route sectors on the flight deck of the applicable aircraft type;
  • Line-oriented flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the applicable type. These simulator sessions have to include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning as well as de-briefing.

training locations!


  • 5 min drive from the Vilnius International airport
  • 5 FFSs for your services: three A320, B737 NG and B737 CL
  • Spacious classrooms, briefing/debriefing rooms
  • A dining room and a leisure zone with snack and coffee vending machines
  • Accommodation offered at 4* LOOP Hotel next to the training center
  • Airport pickup is available
BAA Lithuania HQ Map BAA Training center lobby BAA Training ground school student lounge BAA Training ground school hall Loop Hotel room Loop hotel room
BAA Training Spain classroom BAA Training Spain classroom 3 FFS at BAA Training Spain BAA Training Spain lobby 2 FFS at BAA Training Spain

SPAIN, Barcelona

  • 15 min drive from the Barcelona-El Prat Airport
  • 7-bay simulator center already equipped with 3 brand-new FFSs (A320ceo, A320ceo/neo, and B737 MAX) and a brand-new A320 FTD Level 2
  • Spacious classrooms, briefing/debriefing rooms
  • A dining room and a leisure zone with snack and coffee vending machines


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