Flight Training Blog

B737 NG FFS at BAA Training Vietnam

New B737 NG Full Flight Simulator at BAA Training Vietnam Is R...

2024 05 28

Airline pilot (First Officer)

Becoming an Airline Pilot: 10 Reasons to Go For It

2024 05 16

Air Traffic Control Tower with an aircraft in front

Communicating with ATC: A Guide to Understanding the Lingo

2024 04 18

Pilot Runway program

Avia Solutions Group Begins Pilot Runway Program, Aiming to Tr...

2024 04 04

Cessna 172 preflight walk around pattern

Cessna 172 Preflight Check: Walk-Around

2024 03 28

A flying commercial aircraft

Airline First Officer Job Ad Analysis 2024: Position Requireme...

2024 02 22

Flight Crew and Cabin Crew walking in an airport

Importance of CRM in Aviation Industry

2024 01 10


ATPL Integrated Vs. CPL Modular: What Are the Differences?

2023 12 15

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