As part of the expansion, the new main building can seat 40 students and a 15-person briefing area, which both allow seamless integration between theory and practice when it comes to student training. 

“There has been a strong anticipation for a surge in student enrollment, which placed an emphasis on prioritizing our students’ comfort and training excellence here at our ground and flight schools in Lleida-Alguaire,” explained Joaquin Alejandro Suescun Atencio, Head of Flight School Operations at BAA Training. “That is why we made a strategic decision all the way back in 2022 to design and build new student facilities with those priorities in mind. Not only are we able to accommodate a larger number of students here in Lleida-Alguaire, but we also create an immersive infrastructure for both the faculty and the students.” 

These new facilities encompass modern study spaces, well-equipped briefing rooms, spacious lounge areas, refreshing green spaces, and other additional amenities, creating a more effective and suitable training environment for networking and collaboration. The new training facilities have already welcomed their first batch of BAA Training students.  

“The training demand to prepare well-rounded airline pilots is growing at a steady pace, that is for sure,” adds Miguel Del Moral, Corporate Strategy Manager at BAA Training. “One of our most popular training programs, the BAA Training Cadet Program, has been at the forefront of tackling that demand. Enrolled students cover all the bases: from theory and flight training all the way to Type Rating and guaranteed job offers at our partners—leading European airlines. The investment made into expanding our Lleida-Alguaire premises is, too, playing a significant role in making the cadet training program that much more attractive.” 

The company’s overall growth has also included the significant expansion of BAA Training’s Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft fleet to develop the biggest pilot training base in Spain. The 48 Cessna 172s will be delivered by 2026. 

To ensure the airworthiness and safety of the expanding aircraft fleet used for training, BAA Training’s MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) company, Avia Repair Co, has played a key role in Spain. With the hangar close to the flight school facilities, the company can guarantee effective routine inspections, repairs, and other necessary maintenance work.  

To give a better look at the new training facilities in Lleida-Alguaire and to provide more information and insight into the cadet programs available, BAA Training is hosting an Open Door Day on June 15th, 2024.


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BAA Training is part of the Avia Solutions Group family, the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider, with a fleet of 212 aircraft. The Group also provides various aviation services such as MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), pilot and crew training, ground handling, and other interconnected solutions.