BAA Training is introducing a new pilot training program called ATPL Integrated Combined. The new program allows students to start their flight training early in parallel with ground school, unlike the standard ATPL Integrated pathway, where flying begins only after theory.


Inga Valaikaitė – Pukenienė, Ab Initio Director of BAA Training, says: “This new version of ATPL Integrated is incredibly beneficial for those who expect a fast turnaround and want to start applying their gained theoretical knowledge in practice right away. Repeated recall of theoretical information without waiting for the ground school to finish improves knowledge retention and builds a solid foundation for mastering the flying skills.”


Although the program is a single course, it is divided into several phases:


  • Basic knowledge theory,
  • Flying training (VFR),
  • ATPL level knowledge theory
  • Flying training (IFR, MEP, UPRT and MCC).



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While the first two phases are done one after another, the last two are completed in combination for approximately 48 weeks. This way, the ATPL Integrated Combined program’s total period is 16 months as opposed to 18 months of the standard ATPL Integrated program. One more critical factor is that theory and flight training are completed in one geographical location – at Lleida-Alguaire airport in Spain. It helps students avoid expenses associated with traveling from one place to another to undergo different training phases.


Individual pilots with little or no experience are invited to apply for an ATPL Integrated Combined training program now to get admitted to the group commencing training in February 2023. However, the regular ATPL Integrated is still available, so it is a matter of preference which one to choose. Both programs prepare pilots from zero to obtaining a license.