BAA Training launches a new Ab Initio training program in cooperation with Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). The new pilot training program has been tailored to individual, self-sponsored clients so that anyone interested, with little or no aviation experience, can enroll. BAA Training will deliver ATPL theoretical phase, VFR and advanced phases in accordance with the customer’s demands. Bridge VFR and IFR will be subcontracted to ENAC and conducted in one of its training centers in France.


Marijus Ravoitis, CEO at BAA Training: “We have been partners with ENAC for over two years now. As both organizations share a common mission in the industry, we are glad to pool our expertise to offer world-class training to everyone willing to become commercial pilots. The new program for individual students that we have now launched in cooperation with ENAC is the next step after we introduced the same kind of program to airlines.”


“We predict the program based on ENAC’s and BAA Training best training practices will receive the most attention from customers who are interested in spending part of their training in the French environment. ENAC is our partner in this region and is recognized for its high standards in aviation training,” Marijus adds.


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Thierry de Basquiat, Director of ENAC flight school: “We are very proud to have been selected by BAA Training to perform Bridge VFR and IFR part of their new ATPL program. We will bring to BAA Training all our expertise and quality standards to their students and join our forces to make this new BAA Training program truly a success.”