Could you share a brief overview of your background in aviation?

My journey in aviation has been a lifelong passion that took root in my early years—from immersing myself in the aviation community, interacting with industry professionals, spending countless hours observing aircraft departures and landings at airports, to indulging in the thrill of flying simulated aircraft. During my youth, my connection to aviation ran deep. 

Professionally, I pursued a comprehensive education, earning an ICAO degree in Air Operations with an Airbus family rating, followed by a master’s degree in flight airline operations and obtaining an EASA cabin crew license. While gaining some experience in the airline industry, I transitioned to the realm of general aviation, progressing through various roles at BAA Training Ab Initio.

This journey culminated in my appointment to the position of Head of Operations, where I now leverage my background and passion for aviation to lead and contribute to the success of the flight school.

What inspired you to pursue an aviation career, particularly in education and training?

As mentioned in the previous question, aviation has held a special place in my heart since my earliest memories. Being in the presence of aircraft has always brought me joy since childhood. What truly inspires me in this section of the industry is the unique opportunity to not only stay close to the world of aviation but also to actively participate in the education and training of passionate aspiring pilots. Guiding these dreamers as they take flight on their own journeys is a source of great satisfaction and fulfillment for me and the Ab Initio team.

Joaquin Alejandro Suescun Atencio, Head of Flight School Operations at BAA Training

Could you highlight a particularly proud accomplishment of BAA Training’s flight school?

There are three accomplishments that come to my mind:

  • The collective achievement in successfully completing significant cadet programs.
  • The collective achievement for the ongoing initiatives to enhance our day-to-day operations, focusing on elevating quality standards and increasing overall efficiency.
  • The collective achievement to ensure the flight school operations adhere to stringent safety measures while maintaining qualification and operational efficiency standards.

How do you see the future of aviation training evolving, and what role does BAA Training play in that evolution?

As the aviation industry rebounds from the significant impacts of COVID, it is poised for positive advancements and increased demand. In this evolving landscape, BAA Training flight school plays a pivotal role by providing well-qualified and trained personnel to meet the demands of a growing industry. Our commitment lies in contributing to the future of aviation by preparing skilled pilots who align with the industry’s evolving needs and standards.

Why was the Cessna 172 Skyhawk specifically chosen for the flight school’s expansion?

The selection of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk for our flight school’s expansion was driven by its standing as the optimal choice for single-engine training. This plane strikes a harmonious balance between reliability, safety, quality, and performance, making it the ideal platform for our training programs, from private pilot training to commercial pilot training.

BAA Training flight school students next to Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Could you describe the safety measures implemented at our flight school to ensure a secure learning environment for our students?

We prioritize the safety of our students through meticulous adherence to stringent manuals and procedures, all of which are approved by EASA and the Lithuanian CAA by ICAO regulations. This commitment to safety is ingrained in our day-to-day operations, spanning operational procedures, flight planning, and establishing standards for flight training with instructors and students.

From the meticulous planning of flights to the rigorous maintenance of our aircraft, every aspect of our operations strictly adheres to procedures and regulations. This collective effort, championed by our team, aviation training personnel, management, and safety manager, ensures a secure learning environment at our flight academy.

What was the driving force behind the decision to build new accommodations for students?

The decision to make the construction of new accommodation facilities for students possible together with the airport of Lleida-Alguaire stems from a multifaceted approach. Not only does it represent a significant stride towards elevating the standards of services we provide at our Lleida-Alguaire base for multiple projects with our clients, but it also aligns with our commitment to cultivating an environment conducive to focused and immersive learning.


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Visualization of the accommodation facilities at Lleida-Alguaire for BAA Training students

With this important step, we aim to foster a setting that encourages interaction, collaboration, and the establishment of a supportive network among those who learn to fly, thereby enhancing their overall experience and dedication to becoming the most qualified trained pilots.

Visualization of the interior of the accommodation facilities in Lleida-Alguaire for BAA Training students

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the flight base at Lleida-Alguaire offers top-notch training opportunities and stands out from other flight schools.

The new accommodation will comfortably host up to 150 students at a time, while the expanded fleet will enhance aircraft availability and flight planning. Lastly, professionals like Joaquin and his team, with relevant aviation backgrounds, a passion for advancement, and the knowledge of ensuring compliance with strict safety standards, will offer assistance throughout every step of your training journey!

Groups start regularly, so give us a shout when you’re ready to start pilot training, seeking to become a commercial pilot eventually.