As you may already know, there are enough different possibilities to find yourself in aviation field. One of the options could be starting career as a flight attendant. Have you ever considered that? We assure you there are many benefits you could find by choosing this profession. This time BAA Training presents a list of 10 reasons to become a flight attendant, worthy to take in consideration. Read out and make your decision!


1. Get your wings!


Dreams to own a job above the ground may come true easily! By choosing a flight attendant’s profession you get your desired wings. It means that you already are kicked in aviation field. Isn’t that cool?


2. Travel while paid


Actually, we do not need many discussions on this subject. The benefit is obvious. Visit the outermost corners of the world while getting paid for that.


3. Meet different people


Flight attendant’s job gives you an opportunity to interact with different background people. Certainly, there will always be the crazy ones, but most of the passengers are interesting – each with their own story and destination. As well as it is a great chance to learn different cultures and customs.


4. Ladder of success


Profession of flight attendant gives you a great opportunity to climb a career ladder. Starting from a regular cabin crew member you could gain a Senior Cabin Crew qualification as well as to become an Instructor for Cabin Crew training afterwards. You could also change the airline – from a small and less popular and move to a large and widely known.


5. Flexibility


Take an opportunity to become a king of your own time! Flight attendants could often choose the time and frequency when they want to fly. Flexible hours are a great benefit of this profession.


6. Learn first aid


The ability to provide the first aid has never caused harm to anyone. Let it be your quality which may be required at any time.


7. Fancy hotels


You don’t think it is actually true? If you are a fan of luxury and comfort, this profession is right for you. Once in a while you will get the exclusive opportunities to try out the nice and fancy hotels. Who can dislike that?


8. Easy job



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While others are laboring hard to get the money you could brag about your pretty easy job. In most cases you only have to be polite and positive with the passengers and serve some food. Despite spending many hours on your feet, you have quite a lot of leisure time.


9. The uniforms


Some of the airlines dress their flight attendants with a really stylish and glamorous outfit. It is a great chance to wear fancy clothes as well as uniforms that are always attractive for others.


10. Make new friends


The lifestyle of flight attendant destines you to always meet new interesting and different people. In a result, you will make many friends all around the world, some of them – for life.


We hope that after reading this article you will have enough reasons to become a flight attendant! If you have already made your decision to become one, apply for Initial Cabin Crew Training course at Baltic Aviation Academy and start your extraordinary career right away!