Student candidate assessment


Airline pilots have a demanding position. Therefore the tests for them are rigorous and comprehensive, starting from the first assessment to join a pilot training program.


Different flight schools employ various tools to select suitable student pilot candidates. BAA Training, for instance, uses the Aon Assessment Solutions test system to scrutinize and select pilot applicants, evaluating their abilities, behaviors and characteristics required for work.


student pilot assessment

Abilities, personality and knowledge are measured


More specifically, candidates complete performance tests that measure abilities, such as concentration, logical conclusions or text comprehension, personality questionnaires that show qualities, such as willingness to cooperate, ambition or sensitivity and knowledge tests that reveal specific professional knowledge.


English language proficiency is key


The next part is an interview in English with an assessor, during which English language proficiency is checked along with your motivation to become a pilot and your professional knowledge.


Fitness to join airlines


It is essential to mention that BAA Training pays close attention to candidates’ fitness to join various airlines according to their requirements. With years of experience building strong and long-term partnerships with airlines worldwide, we understand their immediate needs and demands and the type of individuals they consider to succeed as future pilots potentially.


Application requirements


You must meet specific requirements to obtain a commercial pilot license (CPL) or a private pilot license (PPL).


BAA Training aircraft

PPL training application requirements


Acquire a private license to operate a small aircraft for pleasure or recreation. For this, you must be at least 16 years old, pass a medical exam to get a second class medical certificate and have a strong command of the English language.


student pilot application requirements

Commercial pilot training application requirements


If you aim to take flying lessons to become a commercial pilot eligible to work for major airlines, a different type of training applies. Being over 18 and having a secondary or higher education is mandatory to get accepted. Additionally, you must have a valid first class medical certificate to demonstrate your physical status. Moreover, the completion of special tests and interviews developed by the selection committee is necessary to show your competence and aptitude. You must also be good at Mathematics, Physics, and English.


Please note that a Bachelor’s degree is optional to join a pilot school in most cases.


commercial aircraft

Education and training required


The first thing to consider when asking whether it is hard to be a pilot is the required level of training and education. To become a pilot, one must undergo extensive training and education to obtain the necessary licenses and certifications. This may include obtaining a private pilot license, a commercial pilot license, and an Airline Transport Pilot license, as well as additional certificates and ratings such as Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine rating, and Type Rating. It all depends on how far you aim to go with your professional goals and career.


Obtaining the licenses and certifications


Obtaining these licenses and certifications requires significant time, effort, and dedication. It can take several years to complete all the necessary education and training, and the cost can run into thousands of euros. Additionally, the training is physically and mentally demanding, requiring individuals to maintain a high level of fitness and concentration.


Maintaining the skills and ratings


Another challenge that pilots face is the need to maintain and update their skills and knowledge constantly. Pilots must stay updated with the latest regulations, technology, and safety procedures, which requires ongoing training and education. They must also maintain their flying hours and ratings to ensure they are proficient in all aspects of flying.


Ground school


Pilot ground school can be challenging, but it ultimately depends on the individual’s background, learning style, and level of dedication. The ground school covers a wide range of topics, including aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, regulations, and aircraft systems. The curriculum is designed to provide aspiring pilots with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of aviation.


pilot ground school

Some students may find certain topics more difficult than others, such as complex calculations involving weight and balance, or interpreting weather charts and forecasts. However, with the right attitude and effort, anyone can succeed in pilot ground school. Many flight schools and training organizations offer a variety of resources and study aids to help students prepare, including textbooks, online courses, and practice exams.

Ultimately, the key to success in pilot ground school is to stay focused, stay motivated, and put in the necessary time and effort to learn the material thoroughly. With a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, aspiring pilots can be well-prepared for their flight training and the exciting career that awaits them.


ground school students

Flight school


Flight training involves practical flight experience where students must demonstrate mastery of a variety of skills and techniques before they can earn their pilot’s license.


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One of the biggest challenges of flight school is the workload, which can be intense and demanding. Students must balance their flying time with their academic studies and other obligations, and meet strict training requirements set by aviation authorities.


Another challenge of flight school is the physical and mental demands of flying. Piloting an aircraft requires strong spatial awareness, quick decision-making, and excellent hand-eye coordination. Moreover, flight tests are stressful, especially during adverse weather or emergencies.


However, despite the challenges, there is nothing quite like the thrill of taking to the skies and mastering the art of flying. With the right mindset, dedication, and hard work, anyone can succeed in pilot flight school and pursue a fulfilling career as a pilot.


students at flight school

Competitive market


The aviation industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. With limited job opportunities and a growing number of qualified candidates, aspiring pilots need to work hard to stand out in the crowd.


High demand despite fierce competition


However, despite the fierce competition, the best pilots are always in high demand. Airlines constantly seek skilled, experienced pilots who can safely transport passengers and cargo to their destinations. These top-tier pilots possess exceptional flying skills, excellent situational awareness, and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.


pilot demand

The pilot shortage is ongoing


In short, the pilot profession may be competitive. Still, the best pilots with a strong resume, excellent references and a high level of experience and aeronautical knowledge will always find work in this rewarding and exciting field. Especially now when there is a commercial pilots shortage, with several factors contributing to it, including a decrease in the number of pilots being trained, the aging of the current pilot workforce, and the growing demand for air travel.


employment profile of pilots



Student pilots need to be ready to put a lot of effort on the way to their prospering aviation careers as commercial airline pilots. So the answer to the question ‘Is it hard becoming a pilot’ is probably more yes than no. But this path is worth so much learning and sweating. It is a dream job for many and a rewarding career in every aspect.


Join an aviation school and begin training now to become a commercial pilot in less than two years. Remember that an airline pilot is not the only option you have. Become a certified flight instructor or a private pilot, or get a sport pilot certificate to conquer the sky!