How the idea of becoming a pilot was born

Chandan decided to become a pilot four years ago, in 2019, when he met a family friend who was a pilot. As he kept discussing this profession in more detail with a real pilot with hands-on experience, he loved the idea of becoming one, the concept, and everything about this profession and the aviation industry.

First steps on the way to the dream come true

He started studying for the DGCA ATPL theory exams (navigation, air law and meteorology) whenever he had free time and passed the exams in 2022 without attending official classes. When asked if the exams were challenging, Chandan replied they are easy to manage if you thoroughly prepare yourself and read the textbooks and question banks, which are pretty straightforward.

Making a choice in favor of BAA Training

And then… He applied to BAA Training, which he encountered while researching different flight schools online, and emailed us. Chandan greatly compliments Maryia Leanavets, his training manager, for being extremely helpful throughout the entire admission process, from the idea to his landing in Spain, where he opened the next chapter of his life. There, he is now studying the ATPL Integrated program, in which EASA theory and flight training are completed simultaneously.

Below, we are sharing an interview with the aim-oriented and passionate student Chandan. Hopefully, you will find it inspiring and start chasing your personal dream without further delay!

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Chandan from India, and I’ve been training at BAA Training for 3 months.

What are some advantages of choosing a flight school in Europe over a local one in India?

It is the quality of flight training and experience of flight instructors.

How cultural differences might impact your training experience in Europe compared to India?

Pilots have to work with different people from different parts of the world, so getting used to cultural differences is really important to be a pilot.

Was it easy to obtain the necessary visas and permits for your training in Europe?

It is pretty easy. We had to go to the website, and we have all the information there. I got my visa in 15 days after my application. The visa services for students are in two cities: Delhi and Mumbai.

What makes a pilot profession appealing to you?

Flying has been my all-time dream, and I’m just living that dream.

Are there any specific aircraft types of training modules you’re particularly interested in?

I’m fascinated by the Airbus A350 aircraft, and the module I’m looking forward to is advanced UPRT training.


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How do you find the training location in general?

It’s a really quiet and beautiful place.

Is there anything nice to see/taste over there during your free time?

The Spanish food is really tasty, so you can try tapas over here.

What are the long-term benefits of obtaining an EASA license through a European training program?

I moved to Europe and started my flight school at BAA Training because, in my opinion, the safety rating is better in Europe when compared to local flying schools. In addition, it allows me to travel around the world and explore the way of life among different cultures.

Never too late to start pilot training

Chandan also admits he felt he was starting his training late (he is 28 now), but it’s not true. Pilots work until 65, so even if you get your license at 35, you still have 30 more years to work (actually, a better choice of wording would be to enjoy what you do)! Some people stop listening to their heart, setting big aims and fulfilling ambitions quite early in life – when they graduate from the university or get that first stable job. But Chandan is an excellent example of determination and refusing to settle until you fully satisfy your interests and aspirations.

And what about you? Are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of a future commercial pilot license holder?